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When you ask Simon Dale why he’s doing what he’s doing, he has a simple answer: it’s fun!

He has nearly completed building his second unique, sustainable, low-impact home in Wales, designed to nourish the residents as well the natural environment.

Dale has a more down to earth response to why he builds the tiny sustainable houses that have come to be known as hobbit homes.

“Our society is almost entirely dependent on the availability of increasing amounts of fossil fuel energy,” Dale writes, and if we don’t start drastically decreasing the energy we use we as a world will be faced with an “ecological catastrophe.”

The method of reducing consumption that Dale is passionate about is building homes that respect, repair and connect with the immediate natural environment.

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Tiny Natural Sustainable Homes by Simon Dale
Photos Courtesy of Simon Dale and Low Impact Woodland Home

The first natural home he built, which also happened to be the first major construction project he’d ever tackled, is tucked in the side of a quaint hill in Wales, is wood heated and solar powered, and was built in less than six months for under $5000.

I encourage you to learn how by checking out the rest of the article, photos, and videos: [continue reading…]