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Nestled within nature in Northern Arizona is this sustainable tiny home made of Earth owned and built by Cody Lundin.

You may recognize him from various television interviews and magazines. As a professional survivalist for over 25 years, Cody built his own self-reliant earth house which, by the way, is completely off the grid.

One of the main goals, when Cody was designing and building his tiny home was to ensure the interior temperature remains habitable at all times, no matter how hot or cold it may be outside. So the stone floors absorb the natural sunlight throughout the day to help keep the home warm at night. This is especially important during the winter. Cody also utilizes solar power to run his computer, microwave, washing machine, and any other electronics. Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

Man Builds Cozy and Sustainable Tiny Home Made of Earth

Cody Lundin's Off Grid Tiny Earth Home

Images © Cody Lundin

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This 176 sq. ft. sustainable tiny house is a guest post by Kristen Edge – share yours!

This is the tiny house my husband, and somewhat myself, built. We used a 32′ trailer we bought from someone who was tearing down a mobile home park and put our house on it. The house is about 22′ x 8′, the deck is 9′ (still on the trailer), and the rest of the length is the tongue and our little shed in the back.

We used primarily reused materials including redwood from an old deck (which we sanded and refinished to become our deck) that we got off Craigslist. Some free old barn wood from Craigslist, the engineered, maple hardwood floor was project leftovers that we got on Craigslist, an old cedar fence from Phoenix as our siding, and most of our fixtures and other odds and ends from Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

Couple Build 176 Sq. Ft. Sustainable Tiny House

176 Sq. Ft. Sustainable Tiny House-001

Images © Kristen Edge

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