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While on YouTube the other day I ran into Yestermorrow’s tiny house 227 documentary thanks to Eric who commented and informed me about it.

Quite a while back, I put a post together on this sustainable building school. You can get all of the details on how to get involved there.

This is part of Yestermorrow’s semester in sustainable design and building course. The school teachers over 150 hands on workshops every year.

They cover design, construction, woodworking, and concentrations in sustainability. This particular project consists of a 227 square foot house on a trailer.

In the film, one of the student builders, Ben Berton says, “I think tiny houses are relevant, especially for the younger generation because, I feel like the younger generation tends to be more of a transient generation. And if you have a tiny house, especially if it’s on a trailer, your house can move with you.”

Yestermorrow's Tiny House 227 Documentary on Small Sustainable Homes

Photo Courtesy of Yestermorrow on YouTube

Jose Galarza, the Directory of this semester program, says, “This kind of education would be really great if it happened in the college atmosphere.”

That’s something I’d really love to see, and I’m sure you agree with that statement as well. Teaching students not only to live more consciously but to show them how to design and build, too.

I encourage you to watch the video yourself, share it if you like it, and talk about it in the comments: [continue reading…]