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I’m going to be honest with you: I would never stay in this Airbnb. Not because it doesn’t look awesome and well-kept, but because the harrowing heights required to get to bed are definitely beyond my comfort level. But, wow, is this place cool.

First, you have to take 176 steps to reach the initial cabin, which includes a living room, kitchen, and loft bed. But if you want the killer view, you’ll need to take a mind-numbing spiral staircase up to a cabin suspended from the cliff above! In other words, don’t book a stay unless you’re up for a workout, as well.

The interior of each cabin has a rustic yet modern feel, and for the adventurous soul, this looks like the perfect vacation. Would you stay here?

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You Have to Be Brave to Stay in This Cliff-side Cabin in Campton, Kentucky

Dare-Devil’s Cabin Suspended From A Cliff 23

Images via Amy/Airbnb/

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