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Karissa has been working remotely for four years, so when she sold her new car, she was able to purchase her Dodge Promaster van and hit the road just like she’d always dreamed!

With the help of a friend, she outfitted the interior with a hand-painted mural, kitchenette with IKEA cabinets, and plenty of room for all her surfboards. She chose a smaller van to make it easy to park anywhere, and says for one person (and her two large dogs), it’s just the right fit.

As long as she has wifi, she can keep up this lifestyle while it fits her, and it’s a real dream come true! Make sure to watch the full video tour with Tiny Home Tours below, and follow Karissa on Instagram.

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Woman and Her Two Dogs Surfing the Coasts: Van Life

Remote Work & Travel from her Promaster Van

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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