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This 700 sq. ft. double-studio apartment in Barcelona is like nothing you have ever seen before because it’s designed to be shared by strangers if you wanted to. In fact, even two couples would be able to use the space. That’s the potential for 4 people in a 700 sq. ft. space. That’s one 700 sq. ft. apartment with two studios inside. The design has been created by Studio P10 and Miel Arquitectos.

It’s done by creating communal areas that consist of the entrance, dining, and kitchen in addition to private areas that can be opened or closed for privacy. In summary, there’s a communal kitchen. Then there are two studios with their own separate (and private) bathrooms.

I can see how designs like this can be used in big cities and even in university areas so that people can split the cost of housing while also getting to share resources with each other. What do you think? Can you see arrangements like this working? If so, for who? Would it work for you? Either way, please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

700 Sq. Ft. Double-Studio Home Designed for Roommates


Images © StudioP10

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