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Wanting a general guide to building a tiny house? Something that can get you started on the right track, and let you know exactly what to think about when going the DIY route?

Check out this Instructable by Trask River Productions. They are working with teenagers in a vocational wood shop inside of a youth correctional facility to build this 250 sq. ft. THOW. The exterior is now finished, but they’ll be updating with the interior “fun” stuff soon.

You can watch their progress in pictures here, and follow the instructions here.

Trask River Productions: How to Build a Tiny House

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This tiny home on wheels was built by high school students in Berkeley, California during a design and construction youth program called Studio H.

Studio H is an academic class at REALM Charter High School led by a team of expert architects and builders, in which students explore a social issue through the design and construction of a full-scale project each year. This year, our students investigated public housing as an economic, social, aesthetic, and architectural challenge and built two tiny homes on 7’x16′ trailers. These micro homes required research, prototyping, modeling, material and budget constraints, and precise project management to complete within the academic year with 75+ high school students in 4 class periods each day. The proceeds from the sale of this home will go directly to the Studio H program to fund next year’s build project.1

High School Students Build Tiny Houses on Wheels

High School Student Built 100 Square Foot Tiny Home 001

Images © Projecthdesign.org

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