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Think you need thousands of dollars to renovate van? Full-time students Conor and Mattie spent just 500 Euros (about $556 USD) to transform their van into a home! They used pallet wood and other recycled lumber from friends and family to outfit their travelling home (@our_venturing_van), and the results are incredible.

Right now they live and travel in Ireland, but they have some big plans for September (which are still a secret). What I love about this story is that the couple discussed the idea of vanlife on a Saturday night, and on Tuesday they purchased a van! It’s so easy to overthink things, but these two jumped right in. They had the whole thing largely finished in just two weekends of crazy-fast building!

We got the chance to interview Conor, so don’t miss the Q&A at the end of the post!

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#Vanlife in Ireland: Full-Time Students

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