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This is Nick and Nora’s Amazing DIY Tiny House Journey. These two are just 21 and 23 years old and spent the last two years building this incredible house themselves.

Please scroll down to tour their tiny home then enjoy an exclusive interview with the couple at the bottom.

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Nick and Nora’s Amazing DIY Tiny House Journey

They're Debt-free thanks to their Tiny House

Images via Nick and Nora’s Tiny House

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Well, almost a tiny house. And to him, it probably felt pretty tiny at first because he went from a 17-bedroom home to a 2-bedroom double wide mobile home.

I ran into this story thanks to one of our readers, Tracy, who sent this over to me on our Facebook Page. (Thanks Tracy!)

It’s the story of a millionaire movie director named Tom Shadyac who has gone from a 17,000 sq. ft. mansion with multiple full-time employees to a luxurious 1000 sq. ft. double wide mobile home.


Photo by Kathclick

That might not be a tiny house to many of us who are considering living in 800 sq. ft. or less but for him, I think it’s quite admirable. He went from 17 bedrooms to just 2. From 13 bathrooms to just 2. And he uncluttered and simplified his life in a big way during the process.


Photo Credit Oprah

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of this story below and share your thoughts about it in the comments as we ask, “Do you think this trend will continue? Will more millionaires realize that less really is more and end up downsizing?”

…that stuff doesn’t equal happiness. Even if you can hire people to take care of this stuff for you.

Personally I think it’s already happening. Except wealthy folks will most likely not be downsizing to the extent that we might be considering but they’re still realizing the basic principle that more doesn’t mean better… Or happier.

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