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I did an earlier post where I listed five reasons for wanting to live a simpler life.

Then I told you how to clean out your closet.

What I didn’t do, however, was focus on why I believed owning less is beneficial for you.

I probably should have done that first, since owning less is one of the steps towards a simpler life.

Here are my reasons, based on my own experience:


1. Better control over finances. 

Things cost money. Less things means less money spent and more in your wallet. Having less things also means it costs less to maintain your stuff. Have you ever noticed that the more things you have, the more things you need to buy to store them in (whether it be a box, a storage unit, or a house)? Then you need to pay for any repairs, cleaning [supplies], replacements, and so forth. Things drain wallets and put you in debt. Do you really want to acquire something that you will be paying off for the next ten years or incur more credit card debt?

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