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Stephen Marshall of Little House on a Trailer gets another interview thanks to Faircompanies. Stephen doesn’t consider this home a tiny one, rather… a little house.

It’s 12 feet wide so that makes it feel much larger. At a first glance you really can’t tell that it’s built on a trailer. You will get a tour of the place including the kitchen which has a miniature sink, stove, and refrigerator combo.

The bathroom is interesting because it uses a $2,000 incinerating toilet which requires no septic tank or sewage hookup. There’s also a shower and a fireplace that I didn’t mention yet. And yes, it’s ready to be towed down the road.

He currently uses the space as an office and it was built with a 19th century Northern California rural farm house in mind so although it’s recently constructed it still provides you with that traditional atmosphere.

Enjoy the video right here…

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I ran into a new video of a tiny house builder that I had not seen or heard of before. His name is Stephen Marshall and the name of his company is Little House on the Trailer.

In this video he talks about how he got started with tiny houses back when he was 21. Stephen designs and builds these little structures on wheels for all kinds of people. He has sold them for use as a/an…

stephen marshalls tiny houses
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