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Keko’s nomadic life started when so many others did — in 2020. His job went remote, and he escaped the US and went to Mexico to wait out the lockdowns. When it was time to come home, he decided to do something different and chose to purchase a van. But he actually lived in the van during the conversion process, starting out with just a couple of totes and an air mattress.

Today his stealthy rig boasts a unique floor storage system. He built up the floor using extruded aluminum — 12 inches in the living room space and 18 inches back in the kitchen area — to allow him to keep all his goods tucked underneath him. A convertible couch/bed provides him a spot to sleep and a single skylight lets light in. What do you think of this fascinating design?

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Amazing Storage System in His Stealthy Sprinter

Chemical Engineer’s Self-Built Sprinter w Incredible Floor Storage. 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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