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This Man Turns Cargo Trailer into DIY Stealth Tiny Home story is a guest post by James L. Parmenter

My Tiny House adventure began in January of 2012 here in New Mexico. Back in 2007-2008, I purchased a repossessed 2 bedroom 14′ x 52′ mobile home from a local park, after renting it for 3 years. The Park went bankrupt so the Bank then took over the property, the Park was sold in 2010-2012, and renovations began.

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After being evicted and facing homelessness, he turned this ordinary cargo trailer into his custom stealth tiny house

Man Turns Cargo Trailer into DIY Stealth Tiny Home 001

Images © James L. Parmenter
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This stealth tiny house cargo trailer project is a guest post by Jesslyn Wolff

We have a 100 sq. ft. stealth tiny home project that we will not be able to finish. We just bought it and were so excited to get going on the renovation. But no sooner did we buy it, I ran into some personal issues which requiring us to sell our first road worthy tiny house project.

Please post this as soon as you can. It will make a great tiny home for someone as it’s already well on it’s way with the following features.

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16′ Stealth Cargo Trailer to Tiny House Project (Sold)


Images © Jesslyn Wolff

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