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This stealth tiny house cargo trailer project is a guest post by Jesslyn Wolff

We have a 100 sq. ft. stealth tiny home project that we will not be able to finish. We just bought it and were so excited to get going on the renovation. But no sooner did we buy it, I ran into some personal issues which requiring us to sell our first road worthy tiny house project.

Please post this as soon as you can. It will make a great tiny home for someone as it’s already well on it’s way with the following features.

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16′ Stealth Cargo Trailer to Tiny House Project (Sold)


Images © Jesslyn Wolff

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Guest Post 2013 6 x 12 Cargo Trailer Camper/bug out/suite build – By B. Winger

At first, we wanted a vintage canned ham trailer, but most needed too much rebuilding, then we thought about building a teardrop, but after seeing cargo trailer conversions we were sold!

We started out with a 6X 12’ cargo trailer that we bought for $1200, brought it home took out the thin plywood it had on the interior, and started from there.

Our budget was $2000, and since $1200 was used for the purchase of the cargo trailer we had $800 leftover for the actual camper build and thought we wouldn’t be able to get much accomplished, but to our surprise, we were able to do it all, as we wanted… By the way, the tags are permanent and registration title and tags were only $15…

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Couple’s Stealth Tiny House Built in 5 Weeks for $2,000

Couple Build Stealth Tiny House for $2k in 5 Weeks

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