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LaMar over at Simple Solar Homesteading has created these simple structures specifically designed for emergency shelter, homeless housing or off-grid living. He’s offering them for FREE which is super nice!

The Stealth 64 is an 8×8 off-grid cabin which is easy to put up and take down, while the Shepherd Wagon (6’8″ x 8′) would fit on a Lowe’s or Home Depot 5×8 trailer (or be build on skids/casters).

If you’re looking for a simple housing solution, this could be just the thing! Both of these are also useful as sheds, outdoor offices, hunting cabins, etc. Get your plans here!

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FREE Emergency Shelter Plans (Cabin & THOW)

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Mark Andre was marking trees in one of the Arcata Community Forest’s most remote sections recently when he happened upon something that wasn’t there the last time he’d been in the area. That was back in 1985, when Arcata’s Environmental Services director was a city forest technician.

It was a cabin. And not the usual ramshackle, trash-strewn heap of debris, but a proper house, constructed, if not for the ages, for more than just a brief stay.

Tiny Cabin Discovered in Arcata Community Forest

Tiny Cabin Discovered in Arcata Community Forest

Images © Kevin L. Hoover/MadRiverUnion

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