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I have a confession to make.

When I lived in a large suburban house I was not that organized.

I had a theory that if I would use an item again I didn’t want to have to put it away only to get it out again to use it.

Not only that, but mail would pile up on the counter and clothes would never make it back to the closet after they were washed.

piglet laundry

So, I wasn’t precisely sure how living in a tiny house would change anything. I figured it could get just as messy but worse in a small space.

As it turns out, going small helped me with my organizational skills. Here are 5 ways I stay organized in the tiny house and you can too.

Put it away. The good news about a tiny space is that the place where something belongs can’t, by nature, be too far from where it is used. Put it away. Does that salt shaker go on a shelf? Don’t leave it on the counter. Did you just get home from the Laundromat? Put the clothes in the closet now, not later.

For more ways to stay organized in a tiny space see below:

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