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Do you love vintage campers? Want a unique spot to vacation in Palm Springs? You’ll want to check out Desi and Lucy, two adorable campers who sit side-by-side on a communal lot with a central living room and kitchen, two bathrooms, and an outdoor bathroom with a luxurious soaking tub!

Below, you’ll see Mark and Marina—two nomads who do video work for Tiny House Giant Journey—show off the luxurious spot and all it has to offer. You can rent each camper individually or both and have the entire space yourself!

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Side by Side Campers on Adorable Communal Lot

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This is a 1969 International short school bus that was converted into the Old School B&B in British Columbia, Canada. It’s built with materials that were salvaged locally and it’s decorated with fun thrifted vintage items to bring us back to the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s.

The bus has a roof built above it to protect it from the weather and to cover the outdoor bathroom/outhouse as well as the porch area. 

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This School Bus Tiny House Has a Roof Built Over It!

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Husband Derrick has a construction job that forces him to move frequently. Wife Alexis said they used to rent homes or apartments, but never really felt like they had a “home.” But 3.5 years ago, they decided to buy an RV so they could bring their house with them no matter where they move to!

They have two young boys who enjoy their bunk room in the middle of the RV. Alexis says they didn’t do a full make-over on their RV but used paint and some new furniture to make it their own without spending a fortune. Speaking of fortune, their RV life saves them thousands per month.

We got to interview Alexis (@thetinywallsfamily on Instagram) below, so be sure to read all about their tiny life after the photo tour.

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Family of Four’s RV life in Texas

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