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This is the Sparrow Tiny House by Blue Sky Tiny Homes. It’s a contemporary tiny house on wheels which starts at $45,000. It offers 160-square-feet on the main level plus 60-square-feet in the loft. If you don’t like lofts, don’t worry because I think you could easily use the living area to sleep on the main floor in this design.

Inside, you have space for a queen bed in the loft, a daybed or sleeper sofa in the living area, a full kitchen, dining nook, plenty of cabinets for storage, and a relatively large bathroom with enough space for a washer/dryer. Pretty good for 160-square-feet, right? It also features a large window in the living area that really brings the outside in, so to speak.

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160-Square-Foot Sparrow Tiny House by Blue Sky Tiny Homes: Daybed, Kitchen, Dining Nook, Cabinets, and a Large Bathroom

Sparrow Tiny House by Blue Sky Tiny Homes

Images © Blue Sky Tiny Homes

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