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Meet Tracy Metro and her lush 560 square foot houseboat that she and her husband live in full-time.

She’s the designer on I Live With My Mom and she calls her small houseboat the Metro Retro.

Tracy and her husband bought the boat and it had a challenging layout, so she completely changed it up as you’ll see in the video tour below.

When you walk in there’s a bar and a hangout right in the kitchen area. Go down a couple of steps and you’re in the living room.

The bedroom is interesting because it’s the opposite of what you find in most tiny houses on wheels since you crawl into it instead of climb up into it. It’s located underneath the kitchen.

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Tracy Metro's Metro Retro Small Houseboat Renovation

Photo Credit SpacesTV on YouTube

Tracy leaves you with some insight when designing a small space that I found important and helpful and that’s to take into account every little square inch of space when designing, building, and/or renovating your small space.

Toekick Storage Space Great in Tiny Homes

Photo Credit SpacesTV on YouTube

As you’ll see in the video, she used the most unlikely areas for storage when lots of folks would have overlooked these and missed out on taking full advantage of the space.

Retro Metro Houseboat's Bedroom

Photo Credit SpacesTV on YouTube

I encourage you to watch the complete video of Tracy’s small houseboat below:

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