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This solar assisted air conditioned tricycle with unlimited range is a guest post by Bob Sheraton

“Riding on Sunshine”

My solar assisted, air conditioned trike.
Basically the bike has unlimited range.
Unfortunately, I don’t!

The panels keep the 2-12v-36ah SLA DEEP CYCLE batteries fully charged, in series, for the 450 watt/24v hub motor, .the a/c is independently powered by 40 NiMh batteries wired series /parallel and a water mister manually pumped –that and my Columbia Zero shirt works better than expected–evaporative cooling. I have gone about 70 miles-110 km so far. It is not harder to pedal than unmodified, 21 speeds, and 3 wheels, help.

Solar, Air Conditioned Tricycle with Unlimited Range

Bob Sheratons Solar Powered Trike 002

Image © Bob Sheraton

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