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This is a review of the Jackery 1500 lithium power station with 4 SolarSaga 100W panels.

I’ve used it to charge my electric bicycle even while on the road, for running a fan outside under a picnic table while charging my laptop, camera, drone, and smartphone too. But those are just little things. The Jackery 1500 is capable of much more, with 1800w output power, it can handle up to 7 appliances at once, including powering a full-size refrigerator with freezer and icemaker with ease just about all day long. It’s pretty incredible. Not to mention, very quiet for a generator. And you can run it indoors.

The best part, with the solar panels I can charge it up using the sun even if I’m in an off-grid location. It’s a pretty good feeling and I’m looking forward to having it in hand during storm outages, hurricane outages, road trips, and for keeping all of my electronics charged up anywhere I may be.

The Explorer 1500 Pairs Nicely with the 4 Portable SolarSaga 100-Watt Panels


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