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Tiny motorhomes are awesome because they do great on gas, are inexpensive to buy, and can fit just about anywhere (parking space-wise). But we don’t have any THIS SMALL being made in the United States… But *soon* I think we will.

Check these out, they are perfect for simple traveling (not really much room) but enough to get you from place to place efficiently while giving you a place to sleep. More than one person in here? I’m not sure?? The Toyota one definitely looks big enough for two but not sure about the other… particularly that little gray one… it’s TINY. Another downfall is that these engines may not be able to handle going uphill too well but I could be wrong on some models. Anyways this will make up for it in fuel costs. Would you consider an RV this small?? These three photos are thanks to Geno’s blog who traveled to Japan to get these photos. Check out his blog here.

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A tiny motorhome…

Tiny Motorhome

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