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Eric, an engineer with a love for mountain sports, wanted to get out of the city and closer to the action — so he built himself a 500-square-foot wooden yurt from a kit! He bought the land, routed electric and plumbing, poured a concrete slab with radiant floor heating, and erected the 25-foot-diameter structure right in the middle of a small mountain town in Washington.

The house has incredible vaulted ceilings, which makes it feel so much larger than it is. A bank of windows in the kitchen looks out at the mountains, and stairs lead up to the loft bedroom. He has a funky-shaped bathroom on the first floor, and a little nook for his office where he works from home. What do you think about this cute space?

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500 Sq. Ft. Wooden Yurt: DIY Build w/ Radiant Floor Heat

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