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Kelly and Thomas met in college, got married a few years later, went on to get Master’s degrees, and then started the 40-hour-workweek grind. They found themselves wondering how they were supposed to do this for the next 40+ years and were looking for an alternative. That’s when they stumbled on the skoolie community.

While they originally thought their bus life adventure would only last a year, they’ve already been on the road for 7 months and don’t have any intentions of hanging up their keys anytime soon.

Tiny Home Tours did a great interview and tour with the Wilsons and you’ll want to check it out below!

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Full-Time Bus Life for the Roaming Wilsons

Roaming Wilsons

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Just about 6 months ago Clay and Bridgette sold their 1600 sq ft house and downsized into a 230 sq ft school bus! They’re now living debt-free in San Diego, California with their dog, Piper, and cat, Shadow.

Both Clay and Bridgette (@ourdaggonebus on Instagram) are Active Duty Navy and found they weren’t using most of the space in their larger home. While they weren’t ready to commit to a tiny van, a bus allowed them to downsize and still feel comfortable in their space. They were kind enough to answer some questions about bus life, which you can find at the end of the post!

Make sure you watch their Instagram story tour as well to see all the great storage this bus conversion has. Enjoy!

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Clay & Bridgette’s Debt-Free California Skoolie Life

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