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This is a stunning Carnelian Bay A-frame Vacation Cabin where you can vacation!

Tucked beneath gorgeous pines, this charming tiny house sleeps 6 with one bedroom and a loft. It’s minutes to Lake Tahoe, close to multiple beaches and places to ski and has a washer and dryer for all those wet clothes. Want to take a trip?

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Carnelian Bay A-frame Vacation Cabin

Images via HomeAway

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The caboose train car you see below was renovated into the beautiful caboose tiny house that it is today. Pretty cool, right? It’s called the Great Northern X215 and is available as one of many caboose tiny house vacations in Essex, Montana at the Izaak Walton Inn.

Amazingly enough you can sleep up to six people in this tiny home. Wait until you see how they converted it into a fully functional small space below. I think you’ll also be surprised at how nice it is too. I’d definitely live in it on my own land, how about you? Take the tour and let me know in the comments below. Either way, please enjoy and re-share this railcar tiny house hotel below. Thank you.🙏

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The Great Northern X215 Caboose Tiny House


Images © Izaak Walton Inn

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