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I think you’ll like this Vagabode tiny house built by a young couple.

It’s a 175 sq. ft. micro home built right onto a utility trailer.

They designed and built it for full time living to simplify their lives and reduce their impact.

With no prior building experience, they set on a journey to build it. And they did it.

Updated January 3, 2019

Debt-free Vagabode Tiny House on Wheels Built Using Structurally Insulated Panels

Debt-free Vagabode Tiny House on Wheels Built Using Structurally Insulated Panels

Images © Vagabode

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This is Art’s SIP Tiny House on Wheels. SIP stands for Structurally Insulated Panels. They come pre-manufactured with insulation and everything. All you have to do is put the panels together. Don’t worry, at the bottom half of this article, you’ll see how it’s all done.

The outside of Art’s house was covered with 100-year-old reclaimed cypress from around the area in Louisiana. You would never know it was built with SIPs from looking at it, right? Much of the trim and structural supports for the structure are antique pine that was removed from barns and other buildings in the surrounding area.

Inside you’ll find fresh and locally milled tongue and groove cypress to clad the interior walls and ceiling. The flooring is antique pine salvaged from the surrounding area. When you walk inside it actually feels roomy thanks to the 11′ ceiling. The couch triples it’s service as a convertible guest bed while serving even more with storage underneath.

Be sure you take a look at the way Art designed and built his loft ladder because it folds up in a unique, space-saving way that’s great for tiny houses. Enjoy! To explore more amazing tiny homes like this, join our Tiny House Newsletter. It’s free and you’ll be glad you did! We even give you free downloadable tiny house plans just for joining.

Art’s SIP Tiny House on Wheels

SIP Tiny House - How to Build Tiny with Structurally Insulated Panels

Photo Credit Art

I encourage you to see and learn about the rest of this unique little house below:

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The pop up house is offered in a variety of configurations and is a form of prefabricated construction.  They take pride in offering a variety of customization options for clients (windows, doors, layout, and more).

The core of these houses consist of SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels). Here are some more posts that feature SIPs…

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