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Rural Studio is a housing project at Auburn University. Here’s a little bit about this particular project, the 20k House (Version 2).

The Outreach Program was conceived as a way to bring outside students and collaborators into the fold of the Rural Studio. It has evolved from individualized non-architectural projects to a team project. The Outreach students are embedded in the Thesis Studio and work to further the 20K House. One of the most challenging of all Rural Studio projects, it deals with the question: what kind of house can be designed for $10,000 in materials when the other $10,000 goes for labor costs and profit? Approximately four Outreach positions are available each year. Applications are accepted until the positions are filled. More information and an application is available to download.
~Outreach Program, Rural Studio, Auburn University

The goal of the $20K house studio is to bridge barriers in affordable federal housing programs. Architecture students get to develop home plans that can be built by local contractors to serve rural residents who have low or modest incomes and are unable to obtain housing through conventional financing.

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Frank’s $20k Tiny House by Rural Studio

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