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This is simple living story a guest post by Gaylin Weber (share yours)

This SHOULD be titled, The Accidental Small Houser, as this wasn’t really a planned thing…It was prayed for, hoped for, longed for…but never actually thought out and planned…at least, not by me!

We were busy raising our 2 daughters in the typical ticky tacky stuccoed cookie-cutter neighborhood in the burbs of South Orange County, Ca. Don’t get me wrong; it’s what I wanted! A lovely home with a tropical backyard built around a deep blue salt water pool. Five bedrooms; all the kids upstairs, master down, thank you very much! Top rated schools right down the road. Who didn’t want that? Millions of people watched my lifestyle on the TV every week and wished for what I had! Anyone of them would have traded places with me in a South County Second! But I felt restless. Wanted something more. Or less.

My Move to a Small Home


The “Cabbage”

Images © Gaylin Weber

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