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This June 18 2014 was the first ever tiny house at the White House (and first Maker Faire there too). Sicily Kolbeck of La Petite Maison brought her tiny house to the President with the help of Teal Brown of Wishbone Tiny Homes who hauled the home for her.

La Petite Maison (tiny house) was parked under the east portico of the White House. If you were to sit down in the east reception room of the White House on this day, you would see Sicily’s tiny house out the window (see photos below).

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Tiny House at the White House


Images © Suzannah Kolbeck

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When she was 12 years old she started building her own debt-free tiny house.

This all started around January 2013. It’s just about a year and 4 months later now and she’s finished the project.

Sicily now owns her own debt-free 128 sq. ft. tiny home on wheels that she built herself.

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Teen Completes Building Mortgage-free Tiny Home

And you won’t believe what she’s been through while doing it…

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