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If you’re living in any sort of tiny house (whether that be an RV, boat, or shack) and you are having to refill your water supply an ultra low-flow shower head is a great investment.

Thanks to Evan and Gabby, we get to find out which one is the best.

It’s the one they chose for their tiny house on a trailer since their water heater only holds 7 gallons of water.

So it’s also a smart purchase to save on your water heating bill in addition to simply saving on the amount of water you use while taking a shower.

Are you looking for a low-flow faucet as well? For your kitchen/bath? Check these out.

Bricor B100 - Ultra Low Flow Shower Head for Tiny Houses, RVs, and Boats

If you want to order your own just visit Amazon.com using this link. You’ll also want to be sure to grab some TFE paste to seal right before installing. This will help prevent a pressured spill.

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