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This is a beautiful 20ft shipping container tiny house.

This container conversion is built by Alternative Living Spaces out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

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20ft Shipping Container Tiny House

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In this post I’m introducing you to a company called Montainer who recycles shipping containers and turns them into sustainable, modern homes for clients.

Their homes meet all United States building and energy codes and can be delivered anywhere in the United States.

Montainer has a growing “shipping container to home conversion” product line which just means more models and designs for clients to choose from.

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Montainer Shipping Container Homes

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This is our top 10 shipping container tiny houses. When it comes to tiny living, shipping container tiny houses are a great option because they’re inexpensive, usually recycled, and extremely durable. This means that by turning one into your home you’re helping the environment by using something that already exists as a shelter, you’re saving money compared to building from scratch, and your home will be able to withstand almost anything as long as you convert it correctly.

All of that sounds pretty great I’m sure, but how the heck do you make a shipping container into a home? How small can it be? I think you’ll be surprised by this top 10 list of shipping container homes because they range in several sizes and in a bunch of different levels of luxury, too.

Top 10 Shipping Container Tiny Homes

The first container home I’ll show you is interesting because it’s expandable, just like RVs that have slide outs. This conversion has lots of sliders, as you’ll see in the photos below. They’re used to keep the unit mobile so in case you wanted to move it, it’s relatively easy and simple to do since it can go down to a width of approximately 8′ and a length of 40′ when everything’s closed up. It’s called the MDU which stands for Mobile Dwelling Unit, as seen on DorNob.

40-Foot Cargo Shipping Container Converted to Home with Slide Outs

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