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The Hive is a gorgeous Shepherd’s Hut that’s been renovated into a modern, yet cozy, vacation property. It sits on a 143-acre conservation, which means there are sprawling pastoral views as far as the eye can see! A winding country road will take you to the gravel patio where a picnic table welcomes you to enjoy a meal.

The interior of the Shepherd’s Hut is studio-style, with a King-sized bed on one end and a compact bathroom on the other end. In the middle there’s a little galley kitchen with Shaker cabinets. Do you like shepherd’s huts?

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“The Hive” w/ King-Sized Bed & Devon Views

Shepherds Hut on 143 acre conservation 3

Images via Airbnb/Paul

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This is one very original vacation property! Unique Home Stays rents these two shepherd’s huts and cottage (all connected by tunnels!) out to vacationers. They call it the Nomad.

One hut features the bedroom, and the other houses the bathroom. Then the tunnel passage connects the huts to the hillside cottage where you can warm by the wood stove and cook in an updated 17th century kitchen. Even if you can’t book a stay, it’s worth being inspired by the beautiful craftsmanship of the place!

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“Nomad” Huts and Cottage Vacation with Unique Home Stays

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If you’re just one person looking for a tiny house with a downstairs bedroom, I think shepherd’s huts offer the perfect size and layout. Here’s the “Duck” Shepherd’s Hut vacation home in Somerset, England to give you some inspiration.

It’s decked out like a English cottage, with quaint cream paneling, French doors, and hardwood flooring. The dining area transforms into the bedroom, making double use of the same square-footage, which you just have to do in something this short!

Want to try it out? Book your stay at Skye Cottages!

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“Duck” Shepherd’s Hut Vacation in Somerset

Images via Skye Cottages

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