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This is a 12′ vintage 1966 Scotsman travel trailer renovated by Sharin Louis of Shabby Rose Decor.

Inside she has decorated everything with custom vintage decor. There is a cozy couch, kitchen with stove top and sink, and a dining area.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

12′ Vintage 1966 Scotsman Travel Trailer

12' Vintage 1966 Scotsman Travel Trailer

Images © Romantic Homes

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This luxurious tiny cabin is called the Shepherds Rest and is being used as a vacation rental alongside the Shepherds Delight which I’ve shown you here before.

It sits alongside a few other cabins in the woods with view of a lake nearby. It’s definitely a very peaceful setting and I wouldn’t mind living the simple life in this little cabin, how about you?

This luxurious tiny home has a great one level floor plan so there’s no upstairs sleeping lofts or anything like that. And it boasts a wonderful kitchen and outdoor space to hang out in.

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Shepherds Rest Luxurious Tiny Cabin


Images © The Shepherds Hut Rretreat

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In this post I’m excited to show you the Shepherds Delight country style tiny cabin.

It’s an amazing space that’s used for vacations but you can see how amazing it would be to live simply in full time.

It’s got that ‘shabby chic’ style (I’d rather call it country) with a touch of luxuriousness to it too.

Shepherds Delight Luxurious Tiny Cabin


Images: The Shepherds Hut Retreat

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