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Right now I wanted to re-explore the topic of affordable tiny housing with you as a solution as well as a tool to help alleviate homelessness as led by the article and conversation over at this article at Moyers & Company.

As you know one of the main benefits you experience when living in a smaller home is affordability. Your rent or mortgage is cheap and so is your utility bill. In addition, it’s also better for the environment because of efficiency.

Lately tiny homes are being tested as a way to help house the formerly homeless with fantastic results. It’s being done in Seattle, Oregon, Wisconsin, Portland, California, New York, and more. The question is, is it working?

In most areas it’s too early to tell but in my eyes, I see that it most certainly is. Slowly but surely it’s working. You can see for yourself in the videos below. And if put into practice across the nation, it will only continue to help more and more people. It already is in certain areas.

Right now there’s a growing community of tiny cottages near Ithaca, New York called Second Wind Cottages that are having success with the model, proof that the model can and does work to alleviate homelessness with help of the surrounding community.

Affordable Tiny Housing Alleviating Homelessness?


Images © John Light/BillMoyers.com

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