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If you do happen to own land, and are in an Airbnb-friendly area, it might be worth it to create a skoolie for family vacations and as a way to make extra income! As a kid, we always vacationed in a camper (which was much cheaper than renting hotel rooms) and it’s great to see this family is getting that same fun with their kids.

But instead of having the skoolie they worked so hard on sit empty for months on end, they have it up on Airbnb (click here to see it) for others to enjoy. How fun! And if they ever needed to sell their home or downsize, they have a functional tiny house right in their yard!

The 40-foot bus has a spacious Master living area, a comfortable-sized skoolie bathroom complete with a shower and tiny tub, and a fun living room space that transforms into a giant bed for the kids. Take a video tour with Tiny Home Tours below.

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This Family’s Vacation Skoolie (That’s Also an Airbnb!)

Colaventures: Family’s 1992 40ft Thomas school bus 5

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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