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This is a converted school bus that Sarah Szymczak, her husband Ed, and their four kids live in.

Sarah says, “I never thought we would own a school bus. Yet, it does not surprise me that we do. We’re always up for an adventure, always open to venturing outside of the norm. Two creative parents. Four fun loving kiddos. And a whole lot of wild and crazy dreaming.”

I hope you enjoy learning how this family converted an old school bus into a fun, crafty and cozy tiny home for six! So I’ll let Sarah take you on their journey to school bus living below.

We want our children, our family, to be grounded in a lifestyle that isn’t about the next big purchase, but rather the next experience that feeds the core of who we are. So, we bought a bus. Here’s how that happened…

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Family of 6 Living Tiny in Converted School Bus


Images © Simply Mothering

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This School Bus Tiny Cottage Lifestyle Update is a guest post by Marsha Cowan – share yours!

I came home from Arizona to North Carolina to visit with my family for the summer (am parked in my daughter’s driveway), and while here have been able to do some renovations on the tiny red bus in which I live full time in an RV park in Arizona. Almost finished! When I do get finished (hopefully in the next week) and cleaned up, I’ll send some pictures, though the solar vent fan/light I ordered from Lowe’s won’t get in until it is time to leave to go back, so that will have to be installed after I get back to AZ.

Some of the changes have been a stained/varnished floor, new boxcar shelves, blinds on the windows, and Plexiglas shutters on the back windows. There are a few other changes as well that have made life so much easier for me, but as usual, I am still off grid. Can I put in a plug for Goal Zero, my new hero? Lol!

Here are the pictures of the remodeling on my tiny red bus which I call Baby Boy. The biggest improvement was the stained and varnished floor. As with the partitions in the bus which have worked out so well, I used 1×6 pine fencing to do the floor. It only took me about $20 worth, then small cans of stain and marine varnish. So far it has been very easy to keep clean!

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Marsha’s School Bus Tiny Cottage Lifestyle Update

IMG_1853 (1)

Images © Marsha Cowan

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This school bus conversion started with a $2,000 investment to buy an old school bus to turn it into a DIY motorhome. Not a bad way to get started, right?

This 60-passenger bus has now been stripped down to its bones and transformed into a beautiful tiny home on wheels (with an engine!) for two lovely people. It has been stripped, polished, insulated, framed, and furnished. And today it serves as a wonderful little abode on wheels. Please enjoy and re-share this awesome DIY school bus conversion below. Thank you!

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$2k School Bus Converted into Amazing DIY Skoolie/Motorhome

$2k School Bus Converted into Amazing DIY Motorhome

Images © TinyHomeBusConversion

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Just wanted to let you know about this GMC school bus to motorhome (RV) conversion that’s for sale right now (UPDATE: SOLD) in the Albany, New York area. It’s listed on Craigslist right now and I found it thanks to one of our awesome readers, Comet. Thanks, Comet!

It’s a 2003 GMC Savanna 3500 with a 5.7L gas V8 and it has around 200,000 miles on it. The current owners converted it into an RV themselves. They owned and lived in it for two years so far and have put 3,000 miles on it, according to the listing. They even installed a receiver hitch on the rear of the bus to tow their SUV with it on their travels.

Inside you’ll find a basic kitchen area, sleeping area, and plenty of shelving to store your stuff. The listing says that they’re selling because they’d like something a little bigger. Asking price WAS $4,500.

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Married Couple’s School Bus Conversion Tiny Home For Sale (Sold)


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