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This is the Colonel Island Cottage near Savannah, Georgia.

It’s a rustic and beautiful cottage/cabin on Colonel’s Island in Midway, Georgia near Savannah. This home is available to book via Glamping Hub.

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Colonel Island Cottage Vacation

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This is Julio Garcia’s shipping container cabin in Savannah, Georgia.

According to Faircompanies, he spent a decade designing plans for shipping container homes before building this.

Garcia used salvaged materials for nearly everything, “you could put up a structure like this for about 50K,” he says.1

Salvaged Shipping Container Cabin in Savannah

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Sometimes tiny homes are found in unexpected places.

It’s sad that in most of these places you’re no longer allowed to build so small.

Even so it’s encouraging to see these “grandfathered-in” small spaces because to me it just means that there’s still hope for codes to change so that we can allow these sorts of humble homes to continue to exist.

And not just to continue to exist, but to continue to be created because people (we) want them!

Tiny House in Savannah GA

Photo Credit Devon Marie Stawkowski (source)

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