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Right now I want to let you know about the upcoming Tiny House Conference organized by Ryan Mitchell April 18-19, 2015 in Portland, Oregon.

It’s a great opportunity to tour tiny houses in person, meet and learn from an army of experienced builders, and get to know other like minded people.

Tickets are available right now and the earlier you get your tickets the more money you’ll save. If you’re interested in learning how to design, build, and live tiny this could be the perfect event to attend.

2015 Tiny House Conference in Portland, Oregon


Images © Tiny House Conference

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Any time tiny houses make it onto a non-tiny house blog the comments turn to “oh, I could never do that.” When The Tiny Life Infographic that Ryan Mitchell published early this year made it to Gizmodo on Monday, September 2, 2013, the comments began pouring in. The same old objections came up in several ways.

  • Permitting is just impossible.
  • This is only feasible for one person.
  • I couldn’t fit all my stuff in it.
  • Why not just get an RV?

I thought I might take a minute to readdress these objections. Living in a tiny house is not an untested theory. I have been doing it comfortably for over a year and I know several other tiny house dwellers that have happily downsized as well.

Infographic courtesy of The Tiny Life.

Infographic courtesy of The Tiny Life.

I encourage you to read my thoughts on these subjects below:

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Just over a year ago I wrote about my dream for a tiny house convention.

In April 2014, Tiny House Conference becomes a reality thanks to the organizational skills and big ideas from The Tiny Life’s Ryan Mitchell.

While I can’t take any credit for the concept or certainly any of the work, I am pleased that the event is happening.


Though the event was announced early this year, Mitchell recently updated the website and is now actively promoting the conference.

On the website you can see the list of speakers as well as a general guideline to the types of workshops that will be scheduled throughout the weekend.

Mitchell promises a lot of tiny houses on site for convention goers to walk through as part of the experience.


I encourage you to read more about the Tiny House Conference below:

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