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This is Meseidy’s fantastic travel-trailer-turned-tiny-home!

What was once a drab and dated typical camper, has been transformed into a clean, bright and stylish home. You’d never know from the standard travel trailer exterior that it features a fashion-forward interior.

Inside, you’ll find what Meseidy refers to as contrasting dark and light colors and brass fixtures. The kitchen includes bright yellow stools against a grey and white countertop. Over the stove, the stainless steel backsplash is visually appealing and easy-to-clean. Step into the living area and color-block throw pillows rest on grey armchairs, and funky retro chairs sit around the original dining table. The master bedroom is even more colorful, with deep ocean blue paint and more color-block pillows. Finally, the bathroom has an amazing basin sink and decorative tree branch jewelry holders. Proof that living in a trailer can be extremely glamorous.

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Woman Turns Trailer into Tiny Home That Will Amaze You

Trailer to Tiny Home Conversion 001

Images © TheNoshery.com

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