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Tiffany and Derek have two little girls. They bought a home like they “should,” but money was tight leaving them without any extra money to travel or even finish the home the way they wanted to. So they did something totally crazy: They sold the house and bought an RV which they remodeled into a gorgeous space with all the features they would have loved to have in their big house.

In total they spent around $25,000 on their new home and pay around $530/month to park in a nearby RV resort. Now Derek (@_tinyhouse_bigdreams_) can work as a Youth Pastor without the financial stress, and their girls can grow up in a gorgeous home handcrafted by their parents.

We were privileged to do a Q&A with Tiffany,  so be sure to read it below after checking out the photo tour of their home.

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Family Sells Big Home for Renovated RV for Financial Freedom

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