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If 2020 has been a rough financial year for you, it might be time to consider going tiny in an RV! Sara and her family did just that 2 years ago, and it’s helped them go from living paycheck to paycheck on rent, to having spare money in their budget to enjoy life together.

Sara and James live in their RV with their teen daughter Maddy and littles Ezra and Eleanor. Maddy has her own private bunk room, while the younger two have an awesome queen-sized loft to call “home.” It’s a really cool set-up, and works great for a family with kids and a wider age gap.

They live on her parent’s land as they keep saving up for a forever home, but tiny living has proven a blessing despite it’s challenges (like no washer and dryer or dishwasher!).  Sara shares their story at the end of the post, so be sure to read that! Follow the family on Instagram here.

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Thriving RV Life with Littles and a Teenager

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