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This is the Conker by Conker Living. It’s a spherical tiny house concept created by an ex-Rolls-Royce engineer Jag Virdie. The modular and spherical design offers approximately 107 sq. ft. of space inside.

I now look forward to witnessing the legacy of The Conker™, the ultimate living space with its infinite possibilities. How will you use yours?

Would you consider a spherical tiny house like this? Maybe even more than one on your property?

Ex-Rolls-Royce Engineer Designs Spherical Tiny House

The Conker Spherical Tiny House 001

Images via Conker Living

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When you walk into this cylindrical micro cabin you can immediately see the ladder to your left which leads you up to the loft.

Beyond that is a daybed with fluffy pillows in front of a beautiful, large round window. Across from that is your table and another window with beautiful views.

These big windows can open up so you can let the outside air in. Outside, nearby, there’s a fire pit you can enjoy. Or you can just relax on your own private deck.

To your right, as you walk in, is the kitchenette area. And the little door nearby leads to the tiny bathroom with a composting toilet and shower. So yes, just about everything you need for comfortable simple living. Do you think you can see yourself living simply in this little cabin on a full time basis? Just curious if you’d like to talk about that in the comments below.

Cylindrical Micro Cabin for Tiny House Vacations


Images © CanopyAndStars.co.uk

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