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This is the “See You Round” mid-century cabin in Shell Knob, Missouri.

The kit-built round home is made of fiberglass and features views of Table Rock Lake on its own acre of land. If you’re interested in staying here, it is available for booking via Kathryn on Airbnb.

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Concept 21 Fiberglass Home Built in 1976

See You Round Concept 21 Fiberglass Mid-Century Cabin 001

Images via Kathryn/Airbnb

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I wanted to share these pictures of yurts and other round houses. All of these pictures are thanks to Mindful Living’s unique and inspired homes. Here is a little bit about the company from their website:

Mindful Living began the the business of building unique round homes in 1982. Now, a quarter century later, it has expanded and evolved to become the established business it is today. We’re proud of our business and the work we do; we feel that we have the best people, from our drafters and woodworkers, to our product managers and sales associates. The conception, implementation and achievement of our homes depends on each individual in the team, and because our homes are essentially shipped as a finished product, we have exact standards of quality and excellence. We’ve adapted our business practice to accommodate the needs of our clients, so that what Genghis Khan started hundreds of years ago Mindful Living has refined into state-of-the-art craftsmanship; efficient, affordable and exceptional.

Their smallest design is a 158 square foot (13′ diameter) wooden yurt structure called the Wolf Creek 1. From their they can get pretty large, but here is one of my favorites of their designs mostly due to the deck around the living space…

They call this the McKenzie series and they range from 669 square feet (24′ diameter) to 912 square feet (29′ diameter).

Enjoy their photo gallery right here…