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This is Marcia’s Round Jungle Cabin in Belize! (Ok, fine, it’s technically a hexagon).

According to her neighbor, William (who also lives in a jungle cabin!), she has four solar panels that provide enough power to run her lights, her refrigerator, and a few fans. It looks like a lovely “get away from it all” location!

Enjoy the pictures!

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Marcia’s Round Jungle Cabin in Belize

Images via Marcia

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I want to introduce you to POD House. Based in Switzerland they build and design these cool round shaped cabins. Used mostly for camp sites, unique living experiences and hotel extensions.

Or if you are looking to put one on your property as a place to get away they can do that too.

But are they big enough to call home? Or maybe just to be used for glamping, backyard offices, vacation spots?

As POD House says, “Step in and feel good.”

You make the call. Check out some of their four different models below.

POD House: Unique Tiny Living Experiences


Images © POD House

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