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This is to announce that the 80 sq. ft. Roly Poly tiny house is for sale.

It’s located in Portland, Oregon and is being offered for $30,000.

From the outside, you’ll notice it features a beautifully round-shaped roof along with a dutch door to greet you.

When you go inside, you’ll find a very tiny, but cozy interior with a bathroom, kitchen, dining, and an upstairs sleeping loft.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

80 Sq. Ft. Roly Poly Tiny House For Sale

80 Sq Ft Roly Poly Tiny House For Sale 001

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This 80 sq. ft. Roly Poly tiny house on wheels is one of six tiny homes at Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel in Portland, Oregon.

It has an upstairs sleeping loft that adds some more square footage and surprisingly enough it can sleep up to 3 people since there’s one queen bed and one twin bed.

The tiny home’s dimensions are 12′ (length) x 6.66′ (width) x 12.5′ (height).

Staying in a tiny house (like this one) before you make any major life decisions or changes is always a good way to try out tiny living before making a major commitment.

If you’re interested in booking your own stay at this tiny house click here to check dates and read reviews from previous guests. Please enjoy the tour below and re-share if you’d like to. Thanks!

Roly Poly 80 Sq. Ft. Tiny House on Wheels


Images © Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel

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