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This is Nathan Housberg’s ROBA Laundry Hamper Invention which is going live on Kickstarter October 1st. After being frustrated using the laundromats as a student at Brown University, he came up with the idea for a laundry hamper that you could zip up and just throw in the washer and it would keep all of your laundry together. You know how it can be in a laundromat sometimes, socks can disappear and things like that. Or they just fall on the dusty floor after you’ve just cleaned them.

Nathan quickly realized he wasn’t the only person getting irritated by all of this, so he came up with a solution and sewed up his first prototypes in his dorm room using his dad’s old sewing machine. He continued to refine it after various tests and the goal was, “I just wanted to pick up a bag and throw the whole thing in the dryer.” So if you’re a tiny houser, apartment dweller, van dweller, sailor, and you happen to use laundromats frequently, you may really like the ROBA… Is this something you think you would like to use?

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He Designed a Laundry Hamper for Laundromats… It Bundles All Of Your Clothes Into A Bag While You Wash And Dry It… Keeping It All in Safe and in Place!

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Housberg demonstrates ROBA’s use. Photo credit Connor Corgard.

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