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This is the story of a man who recently built a shed tiny house for only $1,500 in Orlando, Florida. If you’re tired of seeing $20k, $30k, $40k, and $50k+ tiny homes, this is a bit of a relief, isn’t it?

Rob Greenfield built his tiny house using 99% recycled/reclaimed materials. And in building his tiny house, he only created about 30 pounds worth of waste.

It gets better, too. He has a wonderful outdoor kitchen, bathroom, garden, composting system, rainwater collection system, and he’s even found a way to create energy from food scraps. He explains it all below.

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He built a $1,500 tiny house in Orlando with a micro-farm!

Rob Greenfields $1500 Tiny House in Orlando FL

Images © Rob Greenfield/YouTube

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You’ve got to watch the video tour of this genius tiny house on wheels in the Netherlands brought to you by Rob Greenfield.

A few years ago the Tiny House movement in the Netherlands was nonexistent and now people all over the country are inspired to simplify life and live tiny. Here’s one of the early pioneers of tiny living in the Netherlands!

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VIDEO: Genius Tiny House on Wheels in the Netherlands

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This Girlfriend’s Perspective on Off-Grid Tiny House Living is a guest post by Cheryl Davies and Rob Greenfield – share your story and tiny home here too!

A few months ago we shared with you a story about Rob Greenfield’s off grid micro cabin life in California. Since then, Rob’s girlfriend, Cheryl, has shared her perspective on his lifestyle. So here is what they both have to say, starting with Rob…

I often see comments like, “This guy obviously doesn’t have a girlfriend,” and they’re talking about me when they say that! Well let me tell you, I DO have girlfriend and she is AMAZING, GORGEOUS, and we are SO IN LOVE! She loves to spend time at my off the grid tiny house with me and she’s coming over right now. Here she shares her perspective on my off the grid, tiny house lifestyle…

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Girlfriend’s Perspective on Off-Grid Tiny House Living


Images © Rob Greenfield

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When you think of tiny house living, I’m not sure exactly what comes to mind. But if you’re thinking simplicity, affordability, and freedom…

This man has built that life for himself. It started with a $950 micro home on a trailer that he bought on Craigslist. And it’s evolved into a wonderful micro homestead in California. Rob Greenfield has appropriately named his new micro house the Teeny Greeny.

Some may think he’s crazy… That he’s lost it, right? But you and me can both see that he’s happy. In fact, some of us might even feel a little bit of envy as he lives a lifestyle with almost no bills and no worries. He seems to have complete freedom, happiness, and radiant health… And the financial cost for this life? Next to nothing. Yet he seems to be living at a level of abundance that trumps over the average life of today’s millionaires and upper class citizens because he’s stress-free and gets to live his life on his own terms.

On top of that, he has created a beautifully functional homestead with a gorgeous outdoor bathroom, outdoor kitchen, and an area in the yard he calls his bird nest where he relaxes, reads, and enjoys the ocean view. You’ve got to see it to really understand it so please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

Man Simplifies into Off-Grid Micro Cabin Life in California

Man Simplifies into Off-Grid Micro Cabin Life in California 001

Images © Rob Greenfield

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In this video post you’ll get to see how a man named Rob Greenfield downsized into a 50 sq. ft. micro house on wheels that he bought for only $950.

Rob admits that he is pretty extreme when it comes to downsizing. And I agree because this kind of lifestyle is definitely not fit for everybody. But he seems to love it and it’s simply inspiring, isn’t it? It’s amazing how little we really need if we’re open and willing to go that far. And Rob is showing us that right now.

I think you’ll really enjoy his story (and new teeny tiny house on wheels) below. Please re-share if you want to and let me know what you think about living tiny to this extreme in comments at the bottom. Would you ever do something like this? Have you ever done it in the past? Would love to read your own stories and thoughts below. Thank you.

Man Lives in $950, 50 Sq. Ft., Micro House on Wheels


Images © RobGreenfield.TV

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