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At the end of a pier in the Hillsborough River in Tampa, Florida rests a tiny cabin that’s perfect for small house living. What likely originally started as a boat shed over 50 years ago was converted into a small house, also decades ago. Eventually, regulations tightened so that houses such as this dock house were no longer allowed. However, this particular house was made an exception to that rule.

The dock leads directly to the house, which looks charmingly aged on the outside but is shockingly modern and well-preserved within. Opening the door leads you directly into the hallway, which takes you to the open living and dining area. A relaxing ambiance is provided not just by the simple, open layout of that particular room, but by the views of the river and skyline—which are unbelievably breathtaking during dawn or twilight.

This house also includes a bedroom with an attached bathroom. The bathroom has a claw-foot bathtub and a pedestal sink. There is also a powder room for visitors, and a washer or dryer.

Tiny Cabin on a Fishing Pier/Dock

Hillsborough River Exterior 1

Images © Joe Giannotti

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This 280 sq. ft. tiny cabin is on a 10,019 sq. ft. riverfront lot in the woods. The listing says it’s 280 sq. ft., but to me it looks like it’s bigger than that. What do you think? Is it actually 280 sq. ft. or do you think it’s bigger than that?

There is no phone or Internet service here. The cabin is in a historic neighborhood called Old Kingvale in Truckee, California. It was listed right for $139,000. The listing says, “cash only,” because the, “property doesn’t qualify for conventional financing.” To me that’s a sign that there may be issues (permits, title, etc.) associated with the property so please do your research.  There’s a river you can listen to right from the deck of the cabin. You can even fish in the river from the backdoor. Sounds pretty relaxing, doesn’t it? And the cabin is beautiful too. The interior is all wood. The listing says it has new wiring, plumbing, and septic. What do you think?

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Riverfront Tiny Cabin in the Woods


Images © Zillow/Coldwell Banker/Carrie Hoyt

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