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This 160 sq. ft. shipping container tiny house is built by Rhino Cubed.

“Rhino Cubed is a Colorado based company building artistic tiny homes from shipping containers. A shipping container is a perfect building envelope: structurally sound, water tight, and quasi-portable. Creative artistry and design turn them into unique living structures.” – Rhino Cubed

They call this model the ‘Nola‘, named after one of the few remaining white rhinos in the world, located in the San Diego Zoo. The tiny home is currently for sale and listed at $63,999 USD.

The colorful artistic shipping container house is equipped with a kitchen and bathroom with full size shower. I love the ocean wave design on the outside of the home.

If you are planning on attending the Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs you’ll get to see the Nola shipping container tiny house.

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Rhino Cubed Nola Shipping Container Tiny House


Images © Rhino Cubed

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This 160 sq. ft. Rhino shipping container tiny home named  ‘Zulu Queen‘ has been created by an architect/artist and an outdoors woman who loves traveling. Together they created a company called Rhino Cubed.

And it combines tiny living, sustainability, and art. Rhino Cubed is based in Boulder, Colorado and the company is building units nearby in Louisville. It all starts with a reclaimed 20′ or 25′ shipping container. From there it’s turned into a sustainable tiny home to live simply in.

Options include full kitchen, bathroom, solar power system, artsy bunk bed, water storage, and more. Would you consider converting a used container into your own DIY tiny home? I would.

Shipping Container Tiny Home by Rhino Cubed


Images © Rhino Cubed

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