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This is a review of the Jackery 1500 lithium power station with 4 SolarSaga 100W panels.

I’ve used it to charge my electric bicycle even while on the road, for running a fan outside under a picnic table while charging my laptop, camera, drone, and smartphone too. But those are just little things. The Jackery 1500 is capable of much more, with 1800w output power, it can handle up to 7 appliances at once, including powering a full-size refrigerator with freezer and icemaker with ease just about all day long. It’s pretty incredible. Not to mention, very quiet for a generator. And you can run it indoors.

The best part, with the solar panels I can charge it up using the sun even if I’m in an off-grid location. It’s a pretty good feeling and I’m looking forward to having it in hand during storm outages, hurricane outages, road trips, and for keeping all of my electronics charged up anywhere I may be.

The Explorer 1500 Pairs Nicely with the 4 Portable SolarSaga 100-Watt Panels


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Update: Hey! This sale has expired but if you’re reading this anytime before or during October 18-20, 2021 you can enjoy a rare site-wide 15% discount on Jackery solar generators, panels, and power banks. Click here to learn more.

This is a review of the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 (Portable Power Station with two 100W Solar Panels and also an announcement for their upcoming Black Friday Sale, which will be the best time to pick one up. The sale starts November 26, and ends November 30th, 2020. The E160, E240, E500, E1000, and the solar panels will all be discounted.

Jackery was kind enough to send us one of their solar generators to review which I’ve been toying with over the last week. It’s the Jackery Explorer 1000, or E1000, along with two 100W folding solar panels. This system gives you the ability to recharge your generator in as little as 8 hours, which then gives you the power for 13 laptop charges, 7 hours of refrigeration, 40 minutes of electric stove, or 76 hours of light, just for a few examples. It’s great for camping, outdoor activities, or even just to use green energy around the house in everyday life. You can use it to power your blender, juicer, power tools, and various other appliances. Something like this can also be handy for videographers, photographers, and podcasters on the go. So far, I love it. And I’m finding more and more ways to use.

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Reporting on the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 with Solar Panels

Jackery Charging GoPro

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In this post our friend Deek shows you how to install the simplest and most affordable heater for your tiny house.

In this case, it’s an Envi Wall Heater. As Deek will tell you in the video below, these are great because they’re thin, you can paint them to match your wall, and they doesn’t use that much power!

So if you want, go ahead and watch as Deek installs the unit in a friend’s box truck conversion tiny house! Enjoy!

Installing a Slim Wall Heater in a Box Truck Tiny House with Deek!

© RelaxShacks/YouTube

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A chest solar refrigerator or freezer might be a great way for you to save space (and energy) in your tiny house kitchen.

This type of fridge is great for tiny homes on wheels. (It’s already been proven on sailboats, hasn’t it?)

A small chest style fridge can save you space because it’s a it opens upward (see below).

This means you can design it so it can be installed right into your kitchen counter.

And you can also run them on a 12 volt battery system.

I almost forgot to mention that they’re VERY energy efficient and can even run on a solar panel!


I encourage you to enjoy the video tour then discuss using this type of refrigerator in tiny houses in the comments below:

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